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The number of available nursing jobs in California is expected to rise dramatically over the course of the next decade.  The California government recently announced that the State would experience a shortage of 47,000 nurses in 2010, rising to 116,000 by 2020.  The State has set up special funding and educational opportunities to help train people to help fill this extreme California nursing jobs glut.
A vast majority of the available California nursing jobs will be focused in the major metro areas of Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco.  However, opportunities exist throughout the State.
Entry level employment opportunities exist at nursing and Personal Care facilities, Hospitals, Residential Care Facilities, Temporary Agencies, and Home Health Care Services.      
City and County of San Francisco - Department of Human Resources
415.557.4888  (Click on "Jobs Available")

City and County of San Francisco - Department of Public Health
415.206.5317  ("Quick Search" - "Frequently visited pages" - "Job Opprtunities")

Tips to help on your search...

Although nurses are in high demand, getting your first job without any experience can still be a little difficult.  Here are some tips to help you on your search.
- Look into hospitals in which you did your clinical practice.  If you made a good impression the manager may remember you.
- Write a good resume and update it as needed.  If you don't have any work experience in a hospital setting make sure you include all the places in which you had education experience as well as any experience you may have with computers and customer service.  Look at all the jobs you have had and try to relate them in some way to nursing.
- Don't be too picky.  As a new grad you don't have the luxury of saying I will only work in a pediatric ICU and nowhere else.  Of course apply to the places you want but also apply other places, once you get some experience you have better shot and getting the job you really want.
- Be dilligent.  Call the manager after you put in your application just to make sure it was received.  Don't be too annoying and call the hospital every 15 minutes for an update, one call will suffice.
- Look professional for your interview, dress for success.  Be on time, early is better than late!  This is your only shot to impress your potential future boss.
- Stay connected with graduates of your nursing program and recent alums.  Many of the best nursing job tips come from classmates who know the hospitals and facilities in yourjob target region.
- Always exibit a positive attitude even though a recruiter or hospital may not need your services at a given time.  If you become rude or belligerent after receiving the bad news, remember that information travels.