Cost of Education...

tuition For those who enjoy taking care of others and providing loving support to those who need it, becoming a CNA is the right choice. 
There are times when your ambitions and aspirations may be left unfulfilled due to many reasons, mainly lack of finance.  It is quite true that you want to get in the wonderful and rewarding profession of a Certified Nursing Assistant, but the tuition is a burden on your budget.  Still, there is plenty to rejoice for you as there are CNA training courses out their offered at an affordable cost. 
Most of the CNA programs are offered at the University campus and students usually feel that University based programs are the best.  It's definitely true.  But to your sheer delight, you will find that there are plenty of quality programs available outside the university campus.  Students aiming to pursue a career in nursing should not give cost as an excuse, as quality low cost nursing training courses are readily available.
One such program which offers CNA training at a moderate price is the American CareQuest course.  Our program is an accelerated one and ideally takes only around four weeks to complete. Therefore, it is highly advisable that you invest all your time during the duration of the course to learn all the skills and supreme dedication is a must. One of the major highlights of our CNA training program is that all the course contents are taught by nurses who are registered and those with a good amount of working experience.
This program is recognized by California and once you finish the course, you can take the final State Competency examination.

Earning Potential...

The Health-Care industry is rapidly evolving and provides many career opportunities for people who want to enter the field of patient care.
A career of CNA has many intangible benefits like making a positive difference to suffering people. In an ideal world that should be good enough for anyone to join a job. However it will be wrong to avoid two important benefits of selecting certified nursing assistant or CNA as a career option i.e job stability and good earning potential.
The average starting salary for a CNA ranges between 30,000 USD to 40,000 USD per year. While that may not sound a lot, you need to put it into perspective by considering the fact that CNA training can be completed in only 4 weeks time.  For a training period that short, the salary is quite good. Moreover the salary keeps increasing as you gain in experience. The salary mentioned above is only the average CNA salary. The exact earning potential will vary depending upon the state in which you work and the type of job. Typically the salary of a CNA in a geography is positively correlated with how expensive the place is. CNAs in expensive areas tend to earn more while those in not so expensive area earn below the national average.
A CNA may select to work in a hospital, nursing home or long term care homes. The place that you select will impact your salary as well. Typically hospitals are the best pay masters for CNAs followed by nursing homes. Within the hospital people who work in the intensive care unit tend to get paid really well. People continue to work in nursing homes despite the low payment because it offers the best work life balance while intensive care unit forces one to stay on his/her toe all the time. Most of the time nursing assistant positions offer additional benefits, such as health coverage and retirement savings plans as well. If you are going to work through some agency then please check specifically whether these benefits are being extended to you or not.
Many CNAs migrate to higher skill jobs over a period of time. As a result there is a shortage of CNAs with more than 5 years of experience. Hence salary of CNAs tend to rise sharply beyond a certain number of years of experience. There are few more points that you ought to consider while selecting your career. If you want a job that is recession proof, then CNA is one of the best jobs that you can go for. As with any other job, if you are good then you shall earn a lot more than the average.